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 "Elsewhere, Indra and other devas are leaping in ecstasy, crying, Jaya Prabhu Gauracandra! Jaya Nityananda! The birds sitting on the branches of the trees are calling out, Gaura! Nitai! Large black bees are humming everywhere in the flower gardens, intoxicated by drinking gaura-nama-rasa, the liquid essence of the holy name of Gaura. Prakrti-devi (the goddess of nature) is maddened with gaurarasa and diffusing her magnificent radiance everywhere. This is wonderful! I have seen Sri Mayapura in broad daylight many times, but I have never beheld anything like this before. What am I seeing?" - from the third chapter of jaiva-dharma, “naimittika-dharma is to be reliquished”

  • My name is Jayadev 
  • I sell these items because I have so many ideas that I need to share them all and I have aspirations to advance and optimize many more projects 
  • I'm located online for now, it's the best place to contact me 
  • I have been planning business ventures since 2006
  • This online shop opened Thursday September 22, 2016
  • The people on my team currently, are my Wife and 2 children 
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